Structural frame completed for Vashiotis's Offices on Ayias Fylaxeos

27th January 2011

The Contractor/ Developer successfully completed the structural frame at the end of 2012. The building is due for completion in December 2013.

The building has a single retail unit at Ground floor and Mezzanine fronting onto Ayias Fylaxeos while the entrance to the offices above is accessed from the south. 4No floors of office accommodation are provided each approximately 200sqm. Car parking for the offices is located in the basement.

The shading strategy for the building was to fabricate a modular exoskeletal metal structure which sits in front of the building above the retail unit. There is a horizontal gantry at each level which provides shading mainly to the south but is primarily for the maintainance of the building. The vertical shading is installed between these horizontal bands. The vertical louvres are densely located on the south elevation and round the corner. Their density is gradually reduced on the east elevation as one moves further north. The core is located on the west elevation.