Handing over of Offices for Kyriakides Savvides & Associates

27th January 2011

The Head Office for Certified Accountants, Kyriakides, Savvides & Associates, was completed in December 2012. The Client has already moved in.

The offices are arranged over 4No floors around a centrally located atrium. Reception, Foyer, and conference/ meeting rooms are arranged on the Ground floor. The first and second floors accommodate the majority of staff, while the third floor is reserved for the Director's offices and further meeting rooms. A penthouse apartment is located on the fourth floor.

The design acknowledges the site's proximity to the highway and the noise pollution that this creates and provides a sound barrier in the form of a second skin approximately one metre away from the facade to the north and west that reflects the noise away from it. The double skin is clad in a reflective/ mirror aluminium rainscreen. The accommodation to the south and east is clad in a structural curtain wall system in green opaque and clear glass that incorporates exoskeletal vertical, floor-floor, shading elements at every planning grid (approx 1m centres) . The horizontal brise soleil are located only over the openings to the offices and create a random pattern over the facade that is interesting aesthetically but is there purely for functional and environmental reasons.