Feasibility Study for Proposed Crematorium in Cyprus under study

27th January 2011

A feasibility and brief collecting exercise is being carried out by our Office. It is hoped that the House of Representatives will pass the relevant Legislation, that will pave the way for the first Crematorium in Cyprus. 


Throughout Europe the number of cremations rises each year. 

Due to the fact that this typology does not exist in Cyprus we have based our study on British planning guidelines and the following main principles are observed:

  • that the site is well suited for the building and all main services are available;
  • that the crematorium is so sited that its use does not have any material effect on the immediate neighbourhood;
  • that the layout of the site provides for the easy movement of vehicles to and from the building, and adequate parking space;
  • that the building should be so planned as to allow convenient circulation;
  • that proper amenities are provided for those attending or working at the crematorium;
  • that the cremation room and its ancillary rooms and spaces comply with good practices and permit cremation to be carried out in a reverent and dignified manner.