External Cladding work begins on Blocks A & B at Askanis Opera

27th January 2011

A limited palette of materials have been proposed at Askanis Opera. The emphasis is on high quality and quiet restraint. The majority of the building is clad in a light grey marble. This is honed finish. At slab level where the balconies project toward the sea the same light grey granite is used, this time in a polished finish. This creates a subtle horizontal banding on the facade which provides interest and protects the granite in an area where they are most vulnerable to getting stained by the adjoining planters. The banding is more clearly expressed on the east and west elevations where a darker grey granite in a honed finish is introduced. This also clads the outwardly leaning stair enclosures that project over the serenity pond at entrance level. The stairs themselves are clad in a rough-cut dark slate material laid in vertical strips. Colour is provided on the elevation in the form of glazed, semi-transparent, coloured shading/ privacy screens.